Disney Parks on Google AdWords (Graded)

Disney is a brand that is known around world. Perhaps the most famous part of Disney, is Disney World. Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. This park is home to all of the Disney characters. Their website is also known for their pictures and colors. Using Google AdWords, I have searched the top keywords related to this park. The most searched words on Google related to Disney, are Disney World. Disney World is searched 1,500,000 on average per month! This number is based on searches all around the world, and searches done in English. This number is astounding.

Disney parks and Disney world Florida had searches of 33,100 on average per month. Disney world is the same as Walt Disney World; however Walt Disney World had 550,000 searches. Another very important word, Disney park tickets, 165,000 searches. Mickey is Disney’s main character. His name as a keyword had searches of 823,000 on average per month.

As you can see with these searches, Disney is very popular overall. The best keywords would be Disney World and Walt Disney World. The most expensive keywords are hotels in Disney world Florida, with $3.43 suggested bid; hotels Disney world with $3.16 suggested bid; and  hotels near Disney world, with $3.09 suggested bid.

I noticed that long-tail keywords have better searches and sometimes higher bid prices. It can be easier to get what you need if you put more words. The best keywords would be Walt Disney World. This keyword includes all of the Disney parks. Disney has done a great job with SEO. As seen from the keywords, there are many words and word combinations that can be used to search all of Disney. It is better to be specific. For example if you are searching for the parks, the prices, the hotels, the food, and the events. Disney does a great job differentiating all their sections with different website links. Their links are also featured in many other websites. Disney parks are talked about in blogs, in the news, in social media, and virtually anywhere. Disney is doing excellent with their websites, and searches.


Reputation Management (Graded Blog)

The job of a reputation management company is to repair the mistakes made online for the client. Businesses go to the reputation management companies when they have public relation disasters, or they have an individual that is trying to destroy the reputation of the company. It is not easy for a company to fix these problems simply by emails or phone calls. This is why they must higher another company to help them fix the mess. The reputation of a company is key to their success. Other companies will not trust and do business with a company that has a bad reputation.

A pleasing first impression is vital for a company. They must look clean on social media sites and search engines. Before dealing with a business, people or other businesses take a look at the company through search engines. If the first thing they see is an article accusing the company of doing an illegal business, for example, most businesses will not want to work with them. This is where the consultants come in.

One of the biggest reputation management consultants is Reputation.com. They have been working in the field of online reputation repair since 2006. Their job is making people and businesses look their best on the Internet. On their website they indicate that “people need to control their online search results because they frequently contain inaccurate, misleading, or outdated material which can adversely influence how web searchers view them.”

Reputation.com does not give a cost for their service. They have to review the problem and then give an estimate of the fix cost. They do, however, have two services for small businesses; gold is a self service and platinum is a full service. The gold service includes requesting reviews from customers, responding to negative reviews, and calling the company for specific issues. The platinum service is all the gold, plus managing social media accounts.

Reputation.com have their own patented Reputation Score analysis. This tool analyzes a range of factors to accurately assess the company’s online reputation. They then score the company against the entire industry and they offer specific suggestions for improvement. Another neat tool they have shows what consumers are saying about the company. It shows how many posts and mentions the company has. They tell you if your posts are high, average, or low. This tool is great because you can see all your social activity in one page. You can see where you need to post more.

Other great features Reputation.com helps with are online reviews and local searches. They have a page where customer reviews from multiple sites are presented. The page has the capability to filter reviews by site of origin, date published, or sentiment. Reputation.com offers templates for the company to send out to customers asking for reviews. They say that on average, requesting reviews boosts volume by 650%. Reputation.com creates a personalized page for your business. This page is complete with custom images, hours, contact information, and hours. This means that when a search is done on your company, the person can click a link that will take you directly to the business page.

There are many other reputation management consultants out there. I have chosen Reputation.com because it is one of the best. It has complete services and of course, they have a great reputation themselves.

YouTube Brand Channels (graded blog)

Two YouTube channels I have viewed are Jeep and Red Bull. As you may know, Jeep sells cars and Red Bull sells energy drinks. They are both brands for adventurous people. Jeep owners love to be outdoors off-roading. Red Bull promotes extreme sports. For each brand I have watched three videos from their channel.

The first video I watched is called “Nothing Can Stop Us.” This video is a commercial of the four Jeep models and the soccer team Juventus. In the one minute video, the Jeeps are driven on different terrains in the world; town, desert, mountain, forest, snow. On these different areas, there are people playing soccer. In the end they show the Juventus soccer team playing on a desert mountain and leaving in the Jeeps. The first purpose of this video is to show the different models and how they can drive on any surface. The second purpose is to show that Jeep is the sponsor of Juventus. There is nothing bad about the video. The video displays the players and the cars well. It is also short and keeps up with the brand.

The second video is “30 Miles of Freedom with DJ Hardwell (Miami).” This three-minute video is a webisode. It is about DJ Hardwell making 4 stops in Miami. He travels in a Jeep Compass to Bayfront Park, Virginia Key Beach, M.I.A. Skateshop, and Nobu. The goal of the video is to show Miami, the DJ, and the Compass’s features. Jeep uses DJ Hardwell to appeal to the younger generation. What is great about the video is that throughout it they play one of the DJ’s tracks. There are other 30 Miles of Freedom videos that show other young artists traveling in a Jeep.

The third video is “2013 William Fox-Pitt Interview with Jim Morrison.” This two-minute video is an interview of 2013 Jeep Brand Ambassador William Fox-Pitt. In the interview Mr. Fox-Pitt thanks the American fans for being loyal. Jim Morrison who interviews him says he is being like the Jeep brand for being forward and at the top of his game. This video shows Jeep sponsoring a horseback rider; another side to the brand. What is bad about the video is that it should be a bit longer because it is an interview and should show the Jeep more. What is great is that Jeep shows another side of a sport and a British rider.

The best video is the first one; shown above. It portrays the brand the best. It shows how the Jeeps work and who they sponsor. The whole idea of having a Jeep is to use it for not everyday use. For example to go off-roading more than to drive daily to work. The brand channel shows this perfectly. They have the commercials for each Jeep models. They have interviews and artists driving Jeeps.  Jeep has kept similar models and innovating them each year. The new models have screens with navigation systems. New features and designs appeal to younger crowds. The Jeep brand is always there because of their big tires, their changing roofs, and the ability to modify the Wrangler to make it your own. The brand channel shows all things Jeep in short videos that are technology and social media forward.

Red Bull has excellent videos in their YouTube brand channel. The most famous one and the best one would probably have to be “Mission Accomplished – Red Bull Stratos – World Record Freefall.”  This is the 4:30 minute video where Felix Baumgartner does a supersonic freefall of 128,100 feet. The video starts with Felix going into the helium-filled balloon. They show how Felix is being monitored from the Mission Control room. He jumps out goes through space, the atmosphere, and lands successfully on Earth. This video is amazing because it shows the before, during, and after the jump. There is nothing wrong with the video. Red Bull’s brand isn’t just selling energy drinks, but sponsoring all extreme sports/activities.

The second video I watched was “Travis Pastrana jumps 269 feet in rally car!” This 2 minute video was a live webcast on ESPN. The video shows Pastrana in the car getting ready to jump. He speeds, goes on a ramp, and jumps 269 feet over water to another ramp. This video is another great one because Pastrana freestyle motocross and rally racing legend. The purpose behind this video is to show that Red Bull sponsors a legend. Everyone knows who he is and will see the logo on his clothing.

The last video is “Sheckler Sessions – Dogfish Catch and Throwback – Ep 3.” This is a series of webisodes on the Red Bull channel about Ryan Sheckler. Ryan is a professional skateboarder who in this episode goes to Boston with other skateboarders. In the video they skate in Boston and go fishing. Throughout the whole video Ryan is always seen wearing a Red Bull hat. This reminds the viewer that the video is sponsored by Red Bull. It’s a good video, but the bad part is that you need to see the all of the episodes to understand what is going on. It does not make sense to see just one video.

The best video is the one shown above. It is a unique video that has a couple of world records. They show the process of how that day happened. Though it has nothing to do with energy drinks, it has all to do with the Red Bull brand. The brand that sponsors all out-of-the-ordinary activities. They have all the resources to their favor. Red Bull has built an empire of extreme sports. This is the purpose of their channel; to show the world that they are beyond an energy drink. Red Bull shows how many different people and activities they sponsor.

Disney Parks (MKTG 3360 Grade)

Disney is a consumer brand that is known worldwide. Their parks attract thousands of people each year. Because they are known worldwide, their website needs to be the best. On their website is where all the information on the parks can be found. You can also look at and book the hotels in the parks. The traffic on the Disney Parks website is immense. According to Quantcast.com, there about 1.5 million visitors each month in the U.S.A alone. The website is globally ranked at 663. In the United States, the Disney website is ranked at 242.

The daily pageviews per visitor has decreased by 11%. The daily time on site has also decreased by 11% in the last 3 months. This could be because of the economy downfall. People do not vacation as much if they do not have money for it. This can also be because of demographics. On the Alexa.com website, the demographics of people visiting the website is showed. In the gender category, more women visit the Disney website. There is also indication that students with no college or some college view the website more than others.